For episode 19 of AYT in Isolation we’re bringing you something just a little bit special as we reimagine a previous episode and completely turn it on its head… The magnificent Chris Sonnex returns to interview our very own Tricia Wey who HE was interviewed by two weeks ago for episode 15.

In case you missed it, during the live broadcast of their chat over on our Instagram channel (ayoungertheatre_), the Artistic Director of the now closed Bunker Theatre, told viewers that he was more interested in hearing what the multi-talented AYT writer had to say. So here we are, and what a treat it is. Tricia (in Chris’s words) is a phenomenal writer, director, actor and general maker of things. She has appeared on the National Theatre’s stage in Small Island, Vault Festival, as well as at the Bunker itself.

Tricia is a woman with fingers in lots of pies. In what has to be the most exciting episode of the series, Tricia and Chris talk about class; race; police brutality – both in the UK and USA; being a minority and not being encouraged to sell one-self, as well as Michaela Cole’s I May Destroy You and success.

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