Despite announcing a break back in September, A Younger Theatre still has plans to come back stronger than ever. Here’s an update from Managing Director Sam.

Sometimes I still feel like I’m stuck in my pokey London flat, circa 2020, doing anything but consider the completely opaque, poisonous shit storm gathering outside and having no control over what it swiftly and deliberately chews up. I’m imagining that 1996 film Twister or a scene from The Hunger Games. Right now, it feels like not a lot has changed, especially for the arts.

Four months ago, I decided that because of financial reasons, A Younger Theatre, a publication that for 11 years had provided thousands of writers, theatre makers, those who otherwise felt eliminated from opportunity, society, the world… would go on a break. I won’t go into all of the details again, because you can read my pretty honest reasoning here, I just wanted to let you know that a break, really meant a break. Because over the last four months, myself and one other member of my team, as well as some amazingly generous folk that got in touch asking if and how they could help us return, have been zooming, voice noting, brainstorming and swearing a fair bit, all while juggling our other million jobs. You know the drill, I’m sure. We’ve been working tirelessly to make sure that what AYT is and could be, isn’t lost. Because we just couldn’t bear for that to happen. And judging by the response my got when we announced the break, we don’t think you can bear it either.

We hope that in the next couple of months, the start of something solid will start to take shape that will allow us to return and then hopefully do the amazing things this very special publication has the potential to do. I’m not going to say anything more at the moment – that will be revealed a bit later but for now, please continue to stay with us and please keep believing in the passion you have for the arts, despite the Hunger Games-esque shitstorm that is still circling. It’s still worth it.

For now, stay strong and you’re all always in our thoughts. Team AYT. X