We’ve teamed up with Christina Birt Projects and Company of Angels to deliver a series of reviews as part of the Creative Critics series. School children aged 8-11 respond to a series of shows. These reviews are from May Contain Food by Protein as part of the Bury Festival written by pupils from the Woolpit Primary School.


Review by Molly B, aged 10.

May Contain Food is an immersive art piece. It makes you think about food and that sometimes we take it for granted. There is something amazing about sitting round tables like you are at a restaurant with waiters walking round you.

May Contain Food is an unusual art piece it includes vegetarianism and a funeral for a pepper! There was opera,  lots of dancing and a few swear words included. It was a very funny performance but taught you lots. It was more for older children and adults. It included some dance sometimes all together and sometimes different people doing different things.

Martin George who played Martin, was the manager of the restaurant. He was criticising the vegetables and fruits. He was retiring so we all applauded him. He seemed to love food but got cross when it wasn’t fresh produce, he kicked the plum and threw a cucumber.

Saara Hurme was my favourite character because she was a very dramatic person and made everything last really long, it was very effective. She danced well on her own and interacted powerfully with other performers. At one point they were force feeding each other it was like they were knotted together.

The costumes were very good. The performers had to be very quick at putting aprons and putting different shoes on. Also the girls had to dance in heels that must have been hard!

The director was called Luca Silvestrini. He is obviously a very passionate director. It must have taken a long time to make the show perfect and get the performers to their very best.

I think that less things going on would be better because it was quite hard to concentrate on everything around you. Overall, it was a brilliant show. I would recommend it to age 12 years and over. It was very funny!

Yann Seabra who was the stage and costume designer had did an amazing job at making everything so realistic. The tables we sat at were incredible and had lots of different foods on them – junk food, pasta, vegetables, fruits and meat.

The dancing was energetic and engaging, because sometimes all of the performers were dancing together, sometimes in pairs and sometimes as a solo. The music was very moving and sometimes aggressive.

Quick go by your tickets now they will sell out quickly!

Protein 'May Contain Food' at Dance East.

Review by Caydie O, aged 10

We often don’t appreciate enough what food is on our plates when we sit down and have a meal, but May Contain Food shows the cruel way we kill animals and then eat them, no matter how delicious. Protein Dance have made a performance for the public to try and convince us to eat more fresh food and take my advice, it works!

May Contain Food is a very immersive piece of art. The dancing was perfect and the actors produced the music themselves without using instruments, but using their mouth, which was very interesting and they also used their bodies as props, serving it on plates. May Contain Food is aimed at an adult audience, but is still entertaining and comical for older children, although I would recommend it for 12 years and over.

I think the director Luca Silvestrini was very imaginative. The way the performers express the fresh food they are serving to the audience and the set design was very thoughtful because it was like a proper restaurant. Some particular parts I liked were when you got to taste some of the food because they made you eat it in weird ways. Donna Lennard’s opera skills were amazing and all the dances were symmetrical and in time.

I would highly recommend this performance for anyone who enjoys comical shows and for food lovers in general.