Everyone in comedy these days seems to be ‘hotly tipped’ for something, but I’d heard so much buzz around Delete the Banjax that I felt compelled to go and see if, this time, the crowd wisdom was correct.

Thankfully (especially as the show was being recorded!) my expectations actually managed to be surpassed. An hour in the company of these four disgustingly talented individuals pretty much guarantees tears and stomach ache of the best kind. It’s like watching a group of mates having a bit of a laugh – it feels incredibly relaxed, and has the sort of ‘unrehearsed’ feel that can only come from exceptional professionalism.

We are informed at the start that this will be a positive show – they are going to make us laugh whether we like it or not. Negativity must be banished, and we are to direct our thoughts away from war and onto kittens to promote happiness. Needless to say, it worked.

I don’t know what it is about these guys that makes them so funny. Pigs and Ponies is wonderfully shambolic, combining short sketches, songs and animation into something that works beautifully. The pace never once lets up, and they hurtle from one situation to the next with the audience never quite sure if they’ll get there on time.

Their characters interact with the audience without making you squirm in your seat, and induce a feeling of camaraderie; we are all willing them to be funny, and we definitely laugh along with them. If you like spending your time being unable to frown then this is definitely the show for you. Negative thinkers need not apply.

At Pleasance Beside 6.20pm until August 29th