It’s a display of how weird the Fringe experience is, that yesterday I found myself waiting in a queue for a show surrounded by (what seemed like) hundreds of tiny, excitable children. The queue was for Little Howard’s Big Show, and standing outside I had no idea what I’d let myself in for.

The show centres on the “human cartoon double act” of Little Howard and Big Howard, with a clever use of interactive media to allow the two characters to interact ‘live’ on stage. It seems that Big Howard has got himself into a pickle, and must prove that he can be funny otherwise he’ll be thrown into jail.

No, it doesn’t make sense. At all. But it doesn’t really have to. The duo are so charming that it takes about three minutes for me to join in with the rest of the crowd, shouting out panto style and laughing like an idiot. While the madcap slapstick humour directed at the children is excellent (frying pan to the head jokes are always a winner) the show genuinely does appeal to adults; several jokes are thrown out with the sole intention of flying right over the children’s heads. It’s silly, ridiculous and absurd but in the most brilliant way.

I never thought I’d recommend seeing a children’s show, let alone at the Fringe, but this makes me wonder what else I’ve been missing out on as I skip straight to the theatre section of the Edinburgh programme. Because, sometimes, it’s really lovely to not act your age.

At the George Square Theatre, Assembly 4.40pm until August 29th