A good character comedian is hard to come by. It’s seemingly difficult to create characters that are not only convincing and entertaining, but also have heart. Thankfully, Colin Hoult is an experienced pro with two sucessful Edinburgh shows under his belt, and performances on everything from Radio 4 to Dave. We are in capable hands here, and it shows.

His creations are oddities, outsiders in the world. They are weird, and weirdly endearing, at the same time. Despite their strange behaviour you warm to them, and also to Hoult who has a marvellous ability for audience rapport.

Because he plays the characters so brilliantly we are happy to suspend our disbelief, and let the absurdities play out. This really is stellar stuff, side-achingly funny. The sort of comedy that almost becomes funnier the more you think about it – far cleverer than it may seem on the surface.

Hoult is supported by the fantastic Dan Snelgrove and Zoe Gardner who ease into their various roles with aplomb. Snelgrove in particular is impressive as the ballroom dancing gentleman, an image that still makes me laugh a day later.

The simplicity of the stage and costumes works in the show’s favour. We don’t require anything more than his performances and a prop or two, distractions are not necessary here. Hoult and his creations are funny enough in their own right, even if he did the entire thing dressed in black it would still work.

If you’re a fan of slightly strange, well acted, endearingly funny comedy then get yourself to this show. But if you happen to pull a stomach muscle laughing then please don’t blame me.

At the Pleasance two 7.05pm until August 29th