Hypnosis is being offered on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe to help performers with stress and morale.

Comedy stage hypnotist Ben Dali is presenting Strictly Come Trancing as part of the Free Fringe.

Mr Dali said: “Hypnosis works differently on everybody.

“Some will instantly become vibrant characters and remain so throughout, some will be in mild trance and suddenly come alive, others might be vivid and bold but snap out of it completely and unexpectedly.

“The individual differences and creativity of volunteers which manifest under hypnosis, along with the opportunity for creative and artistic design on my part, are what first attracted me to it, and constantly keep me focused on coming up with new ways to test myself, my volunteers and the artform.”

The show aims to help performers face common issues related to going on stage, such as nerves or anxiety.

The hypnotist says he can place performers in a “therapeutic state” to control stress levels while performing.

A Fringe actor who was hypnotised said: “I had never been hypnotised before so had no idea what to expect or whether it would work on me.

“It’s been a few days now and I seriously haven’t stopped thinking or talking about it.

“Hypnotism put me in this incredible place where the usual anxieties I can sometimes be faced with on a stage disappeared and I was gifted with this incredible sense of freedom.”

Other performers have reported different positive effects of the hypnosis such as increased motivation, boosted morale and a sense of camaraderie as a result of the “post-hypnotic effect.”

Strictly Come Trancing is playing at the Liquid Room at the Free Fringe until August 30. For more information click here.