Image: Dade Freeman

England’s largest arts fringe festival has launched today.

The Brighton Fringe 2015 has over 750 acts confirmed so far, making it already the biggest Fringe ever.

Julian Caddy, managing director of Brighton Fringe, said: “I’m very excited. There’s a whole load of things about to happen.

“This is probably the most exciting part of the year for us, aside from the month of May, when everything that we’ve been thinking about and planning goes out to the wider public.

“It feels like we’ve been keeping a secret for a long time now – it’s time to shout it from the rooftops!

“I think it’s of fundamental importance to Brighton to have  such an event in the city.

“All in all in terms of attendance figures, the numbers of people attending the Fringe equates to the whole city.”

The festival runs from May 1 to May 31, and it is thought around 250,000 people will attend.

This year also sees a return for the Fringe scheme Window, which gives young talent a chance to showcase their act early in the festival.

Acts already announced include Brighton bombing play “The Bombing of the Grand Hotel”, which was written with Patrick Magee as a script consultant.

Comedians confirmed include Zoe Lyons, Tom Deacon and John Osbourne.

As well as that, audiences can also see life sized giraffe and elephant puppets in the Polish Largest Marionette Circus in the World, a so called “rock and roller derby” and a musical about Doctor Who.

There will be around 181 venues set up across Brighton, including a relocated The Warren, which has been moved to St. Peter’s Church.

Last year it was estimated that the Brighton Fringe brought around £10 million to the city.

It is second only to Edinburgh Fringe as the biggest fringe festival in the UK.

Tickets for the Brighton Fringe go on sale on March 4. For more information and the full line up so far, click HERE.