A new bursary has been announced to encourage first time performers to appear at England’s biggest fringe festival.

The Brighton Fringe has launched the Encore Insure bursary, which gives free registration to five first time participants.

A total of £10,000 is available across the opportunities.

Julian Caddy, the Brighton Fringe Managing Director, said: “Working in the arts is a difficult environment at the best of times and it’s all the harder for those starting out, so we are always looking to lower the barriers to entry wherever possible.

“Over the years, Brighton Fringe has been teaming up with partners to help cover the costs of registration for those with more limited means.

“Encore are a great resource for the arts community and their involvement is brilliant.”

Deadline for the encoreinsure.com Brighton Fringe First Bursary Scheme is November 30.

The Brighton Fringe is approaching it’s 10th year in 2016, with the festival running from May 6 – June 5.

Mr Caddy continued: “New work is the life blood of the fringe and without it the whole thing will quickly become stagnant.

“Popular returning shows are amazing but there is nothing to replace the feeling of discovering something new, important and representative of the time.

“The fringe is a real cultural barometer and also an essential stepping stone for new work to find its feet and be seen by a massive audience.”

Around 405,000 people attended the Brighton Fringe in 2015, with an estimated £10 million boost to the local economy.

The Brighton Fringe have announced a new bursary for first time performers. For information on this, and other funding opportunities, click here.

Image: Dade Freeman