Image: Molodyi Teatr

A London cultural platform is hosting a documentary theatre series from October, highlighting immigration and social inequality in Bulgaria, Russia and the UK.

GRAD are hosting a number of performances as part of ‘Peripheral Visions’, from groups including Theatre Replika Company (TRC) and Molodyi Teatr (MT).

Uilleam Blacker, a MT member, and the writer of their show, Bloody East Europeans, said: “We need to have conversations about the urgent problems we face as a society, and migration is one of the most pressing problems right now.

“We need to have art that comments on, explains and interprets these problems to help us understand them better, to raise awareness of them, and to help work towards solutions.

“Documentary theatre can help give voice to experiences that are not often heard – most importantly in this case, the experience of migrants themselves, who often don’t have access to the media and don’t have ways of being heard among the political noise.”

Documentary theatre is a type of performance based on factual information.

‘Peripheral Visions’, which is curated by Molly Flynn, aims to highlight Eastern European culture and art, as well as politics.

Blagoy Boichev, an actor from TRC, said: “Theatre is a social being and it should experiment with all that is relevant to society.

“Yet, it also offers another, unique vantage point.

“Unlike some forms of mass communication, theatre is a physical and personal experience, an eye-to-eye setting and approach.”

Talgat Batalov, who is presenting Uzbek, said: “Theatre isn’t likely to change society. In fact, that’s not even theatre’s job.

“But, theatre might change one person, and one person plus another, plus another, plus another, that’s society. And from there, you can imagine what could come next.”

‘Peripheral Visions’ starts on October 9 with ‘Bloody East Europeans’ by Molodyi Teatr. For more information, click here.