Image: Courtesy of RSC.

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has commissioned the largest ever installation in their theatre.

‘Sea-Markings’, by Susan Stockwell is inspired by the summer season of Othello and The Merchant of Venice, and sees, among other things, large sails suspended from the roof of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre foyers and gallery.

Ms Stockwell, who has been the RSC artist in residence since September 2014, said: “Having the exhibition feels great, it has been a lot of work and challenging, but exciting.

“I’d rather do something eye catching and large in one space, than do lots of small things throughout the theatre.

“The sails idea fits with so many things; the themes of the Othello and The Merchant of Venice, my previous work and the space. So it just seemed to work.”

‘Sea-Markings’ will run for six months from Wednesday April 1.

It will run alongside another Stockwell exhibition, in the separate PACCAR room, where she has created a flotilla of small boats made out of paper, money, maps and text.

Ida Ballerini, the Exhibitions Officer at the RSC, said: “We are going to have a season of plays about outsiders, like Othello and The Merchant of Venice. These plays have a lot of connections between money, trade and things like that.

“So we were looking at the season, and wanted to commission a piece which offers a fresh perspective to enable people to get into the RSC through a different artistic medium.

“A lot of Susan’s work explores migration, money and trade. So, we felt that she would be a great artist to have.”

The exhibition will close on Sunday September 6.

‘Sea-Markings’ will run at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre from April 1 to September 6. For more information, click HERE.