The winners at a prestigious musical theatre awards ceremony have been announced.

Erin Doherty won the Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year (SSSSPOTY) at the Garrick Theatre in London on May 17.

She said: “It was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

“The entire day was just a joy to be a part of – every single person involved, from the contestants to the Creative Team at the Garrick Theatre technicians, were just so supportive.

“I just embraced the magic of it! I’m so grateful and can only hope that more days like this Sunday are to come.”

Erin performed ‘Broadway Baby’ from Follies, and a new song called ‘Angel at the Top of the Tree’, which was written by Darren Clarke.

The SSSSOPTY sees twelve students from across the country perform one Sondheim song, and one original song in front of a panel of judges.

Both the students, and the original songs, are judged at the awards.

Stephen Sondheim said: “What’s significant about this competition is that it allows students to demonstrate their skills in story-telling through song.

“Moreover, it allows the public to hear new writing voices as well as new singing ones.”

Leah West came in at second place, after performing ‘I Read’ from Passion as her Sondheim song, and Laura Kaye Thomson’s ‘Love Me’ for the original.

The SSSSPOTY winner gets a prize of £1,000, with the runner-up receiving £500.

Also handed out at the awards was the Stiles & Drewe Best New Song Prize 2015, which was given to Richy Hughes and Joseph Finlay for ‘Don’t Look Down.’

Judges for the show included Elaine Page and Laura Pitt-Pulford.

The Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year took place on May 17 at the Garrick Theatre in London. For more information, click here.