A musical theatre production has disrupted the UKIP party conference by performing a number on a tank, dressed as Nazis.

Cast members from The Producers turned up outside the Margate conference dressed in Gestapo style hot pants, insignia and Jackboots.

The dancers were also accompanied by a 16 tonne tank outside Winter Gardens, on which a man dressed like Adolf Hitler stood.

Adam Spiegel, producer of The Producers, said: “We open the UK tour of The Producers in Bromley next week and Margate seemed a perfect place to start the promotion.

“I am disappointed but not entirely surprised to see that UKIP are trying to hitch a publicity ride on the back of the show.”

They then played “Springtime for Hitler” from the show out of speakers in the tank, while the seven female performers danced a so called “goose stepping” routine.

A spokesperson from UKIP could not be reached for comment on the performance.

It was all part of an elaborate promotion for an upcoming tour of The Producers, which stars Jason Manford, Louie Spence, Phil Jupitus and Ross Noble, none of whom were part of the stunt.

The Producers tour opens in Bromley on March 7. For more information, dates and tickets, click here.