Sketty Theatre
Pleasance Theatre, Islington | 21st April – 17th May

Ichiro is living far from home in rainy England, where the only language he understands is football. Ashley trains six days a week and his girlfriend wants him to spend Sundays with her. Titch sits alone in the changing room long after the floodlights have been switched off.  Their coach thinks he knows it all. The team’s psychologist knows he has a lot to learn.

Result is a fresh new play that follows the life of a sports psychologist and his relationship with six talented young footballers. From language barriers to relationship troubles to homophobic and racial clashes, Result sheds a light on the true cost of passion and the lengths and depths people will go to in the hope of achieving a dream.

Based on the career of a professional sports psychologist, Sketty Theatre crosses raw text and striking movement with an original score to explore the cut-throat passion, raucous camaraderie and frightening pressures of the beautiful game.

Offer Details:
Use the code RESULT21 at the box office, over the phone or online to claim £10 to all performances.