Clean Break_Pests_0206

by Vivienne Franzmann
The Royal Court Theatre

Special £10 ticket offer for AYT readers for Pests, a new play by Vivienne Franzmann (writer of the award-winning Mogadishu

After its five star run at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Pests has now transferred to the Royal Court Theatre until 3 May.

Pink loves Rolly. Rolly loves Pink. And Pink loves getting bombed off her face.

Sisters from the same nest. Both trapped in a tiny rotting world. Both cuffed to a past that refuses to release them.

One wants out. The other needs her in. Trouble is that when you complete each other, you’re nothing on your own.

Developed through five residencies in women’s prisons, secure mental health and community settings and is a Co-production with Clean Break and Royal Exchange Theatre.

Claim the Offer

£10 Ticket Offer for Thu 10 and 17 April, 3pm performances of Pests with the promo code Ygrtheatre.

Tickets usually £20.

Book online or via Box Office 020 7565 5000.

Click here for the show listing, or here to watch the trailer.