Forget everything you know about what a performance ‘should’ look like, or sound like, or even feel like. Leave your preconceptions about music theatre at the door. Because you are about to enter Lady Vendredi’s futuristic, bizarre, psychedelic and sexy mystical world creatively directed by visionary Jonathan Grieve.

The show is an epic journey through glorious costumes, outstanding vocals and dance moves out of this world. We follow the footprints of a woman’s introspective journey to womanhood, with its ups and downs and lots of fun.

Lady V leads a cast of excellent performers (the ‘daughters of manifestation’), who go through some sort of purification, accompanied but the Afro sound of the Vendettas band that perfectly matches the madness and mind-blowing look of the show.

Human interaction will be highly encouraged, such as pushing the audience into a random mix’n’match of women and men, that (powering through the laughter) will be asked to follow hilarious instructions. So be ready to make some friends – in moments like this I am grateful I keep running out of shyness. The cherry on top of the cake for me was that Lady V herself shook hands with me at the end of the performance, greeting me with a self-confidence booster: “I really like your attitude, you’re fun!” Nailing full immersive music/dance/theatre performance since 1992, folks.

Thanks also to the live stage music, the catchy tunes such as ‘Dirty Chicken’ will make it hard for you to stand still. So the best piece of advice I could possibly give is: no large bags and wear comfy shoes.

Overall the show is a wonderful mix of a fresh concept, brave show and outstanding performers. And don’t even let me start on those vocals – pure fierce. The whole show is a non-stop hyper-energetic journey; it makes you think the whole cast must be aliens with a secret source of never-ending power.

There is only so much I can ruin for you – just go, go and go, and get ready to be blown away by hypnotic voodoo and an amazing rhythm that will stay with you for the days to follow. And if you, like me, won’t be able to get over that addictive Afro sound, Lady Vendredi sells her new EP with the songs of the show.

The Passion of Lady Vendredi played at the Soho Theatre until 30 April. For more information, see the Soho Theatre website.