Review: The Murdér Express, Pedley Street Station
3.0Overall Score

An immersive and interactive full dining experience with the classic ‘whodunnit’ plot line. The Murdér Express takes us back to 1920s London, where women are wearing flapper dresses and men have on three piece suits. It’s set up for great success with its fancy set and ominous beginning, but unfortunately falls short of this expectation and feels quite simplistic in the plot and acting style.

We begin in the Seven Sins Bar, where we are invited to enjoy a cocktail and chat with characters of the show. Once we are on board the train, the drama begins! The actors adopt a larger than life persona with their characterisation of each new person. This feels slightly spoof-like in such an intimate setting. But this silliness is part of the style of the whole show and is fun to feel apart of once we get used to the absurdity of it. The whole thing is over the top and dramatically presented, which either is your cup of tea or it isn’t. If you are not one to get on board with ridiculous storylines and caricature-like acting, I wouldn’t recommend you see this show.

However, if that sounds right up your street, then you will thoroughly enjoy the whole two hours on The Murdér Express . The show has comical moments amongst the foolishness and the whole audience feels entirely behind the actors throughout.

The four course fine dining makes for an entirely different experience, completely unlike any other theatre show I’ve been to before. I was pleased to enjoy their vegan meal that is packed full of flavour and intriguing ingredients. Jane Devonshire’s food is classy, and in keeping with the beautifully elegant set. I did however find it all to be too rich, and struggled to finish my meal.

The plot of The Murdér Express feels brief and simple. It doesn’t quite compare to Agatha Christie’s true detective narratives, and is quite basic in comparison. It’s very entertaining for a two hour show, but I didn’t get a true sense of the characters and their backstory, which is a shame, since we are asked to vote on who we believe to be the murderer at the end of evening.

I particularly enjoyed the camaraderie that formed with the rest of my table and the whole audience. Since it is such an close setting, everyone becomes rather friendly and we join together in guessing who the murderer is. A truly amusing situation to find myself in.

Overall, it’s a fun experience and unlike any I have been to before. However, it’s unfortunate that the style is not quite for me and feels a little too ridiculous. I do, however, appreciate this is a matter of personal preference, and many of the audience members relish in the absurdity of it. Who knows, maybe you will too?

The Murdér Express is playing at Pedley Street Station until 27 April. For more information and tickets, visit the Funicular Productions website.