Who can honestly say that they don’t have weird friends, or at least that one weird friend? And who can honestly say that they could live without these friends to share in the jokes, the gossip, the hard times, the dating strife and the day to day struggles of life? Writer and performer Lucy Corbett certainly has some weird friends and, from what she tells her audience, they are the key in making her who she is today, as well as inspiring her hilarious performance made up of spoken word, performance poetry, silly songs and theatrical storytelling. Who else can you turn to about literally anything in your life if you don’t have your own group of weird friends?

Corbett shares a lot about her weird friends in her short performance time. She examines how she made friends at different stages in her life and what she does with them now that they are indeed her friends. She considers the dos and don’ts of the dating world as discovered over time with her friends. I mean, it isn’t illegal to retweet someone’s every tweet all day long, is it? She ponders the different ways that a friendship might come to an end. Sure, she may not come up with the official guide to weird friends and what to do with them, but she does show her audience that we would all be lost without them.

The moment Corbett steps onto the stage, she instantly comes across as someone you would want to be friends with. She is bubbly and funny and an absolute delight to watch. The content is relatable to everyone who has a friend, so it pretty much speaks out to everybody who watches it. Everyone has that one friend with a crush on a cartoon character and everyone has that friend with a whole lot of love to give but who isn’t quite sure how to give it. Everyone has gone through good times and bad times with their friends and that is why this show can speak such volumes to its audiences. Her performance choices work really well and her performance poetry is so tidy and neat that it is quite satisfying to listen to. No matter what format she takes on, she is always completely hilarious and quite animated for her limited performance space.

It is the kind of show you should go and see with your own group of friends because you are sure to find something for you all to giggle over together. This is a wonderful show that highlights the best of friendship.

Stories About My Weird Friends is playing at Etcetera Theatre until 19 August as part of the Camden Fringe. For tickets and more information, visit the Camden Fringe website. Photo: Lucy Corbett.