Review: Radio Local, Hunt and Darton

Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton, known as Live Art collaborators Hunt and Darton, were due to record their radio show at Norfolk and Norwich festival. Thanks to the internet, despite the festival not physically going ahead, their work can be showcased online.

From Darton’s home in Sandon and Hunt’s partner’s shed in Brighton we are brought an hour a day of light-heart jolliness, lockdown challenges and games fill the time with ‘joy, and art, and us’. Hunt and Darton are asking listeners to send in their jingle’s to start every show and their home-made quality starts the show with warmth and individuality.

Hunt and Darton aim to bring attention to the best of what is going on in the local Norfolk and Norwich area through their light-hearted but inquisitive conversations with members of the local community. Particularly moving is the episode from the 10th May where they chat with Freddie, director of The Workshop in King’s Lynn, about The Workshop’s programme of events and classes. Key, for this live art duo, is their highlighting of The Workshop’s charity work which makes their classes affordable for all, and able to find their creative spirit. 

This show is incredibly authentic with crackly lines down the phone and comments such as ‘you sound like your phoning in from under the sea’ – the joy of the current reliance on technology. With fun segments such as the ‘Flashy Flashy News News’ takeover by local children with anecdotes for the youth in the region about a lack of school, battles with patches of nettles, and some music picks including the upbeat ‘Un Poco Loco’ from the movie Coco. 

One of my favourite sections comes from the pair’s check in with Olivia Argyle, who is nearly 90. It’s an interesting insight into how the not-so-young members of our population are filling their time. For Olivia: a comforting mix of gardening, painting fences, and embroidery. 

Hunt and Darton are frivolous and whimsical, and this is a show that’s full of heart. The set-up gives a platform to local venues and members of the community and aims to bring the festival spirit online. I cannot be more enthusiastic about a show that, as well as being good fun, also raises up venues that encourage creativity in the community. I finish my listening session feeling happy and light and full of joy, owed to the escape that art and community brings during this time of darkness.

Radio Local is streaming live from the 8th to the 24th May at 3-4pm on their website.