The Royal Exchange, Manchester has launched a 12 month creative speechmaking programme inspired by TED Talks, as part of the Truth about Youth series. On Monday 9 November, TaY at the Royal Exchange will be hosting an evening of talks, rants, speeches and creative provocations – ranging in content from the personal to the political – which shine a spotlight on the issues that are important to young people in 2015. A TaY Talk can be about anything at all – something you love, something that makes you angry, or an experience that made you who you are today… As long as you can speak with PASSION, you will find an audience willing to listen.

TaY Talks will include a mixture of live talks, filmed talks, animations, music and performance. The Royal Exchange is currently looking for submissions from young people aged 14 – 25 who would like to contribute to the event. You might want to go and give your Talk live, or you might prefer to film it and send it in to them for screening on the day.

Each Talk can be up to 3 minutes long, and can take any format – the more creative the better! All Talks will need to be submitted by Friday 9 October, and they will then select the final Talks which will be included in the event. Why not create your own TaY Talk and send it to them for inclusion in the TaY Talks event?

You can find out more here or download a toolkit for inspiration, tips and details of how to apply.