Image by the BBC

Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of funding has been allocated to young performers and artistic groups across the UK.

 The BBC Performing Arts Fund (PAF) has chosen 32 organisations and Fellows as their ‘Ones to Watch’ in 2015.

 Those chosen receive a £10,000 grant, as well as professional support, training and development opportunities.

 Children’s theatre company Theatre-Rites are one of the groups to receive the funding from the BBC PAF.

 They have nominated animator, theatre and film director Joseph Wallace as their 2015 Fellow.

 Mr Wallace, 26, said: “It’s amazing. It feels like a big shift in career development.

 “It’s a great thing to have that label and title of BBC Performing Arts Fellow – it’s almost like a stamp of approval really.

 “The grant and everything surrounding that allows for another level of creativity with space and a long term dialogue between the artist and organisation.”

 He will use the fund to collaborate throughout 2015 with Theatre-Rites on their new project focussing on brain development.

 Claire Templeton, executive producer of Theatre-Rites, said: “The grant is hugely important at a time when talent development is everywhere.

 “It is a natural focus for us as well – we feel a responsibility to develop artists at all stages of their careers.

 “What’s different about the BBC PAG is it is over a long period of time – so you can have a brilliant exchange of skills.”

 Other 2015 ‘Ones to Watch’ include Birmingham conductor Jonathan Lo and the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Somerset choreographer Hannah Moore and Poet, Jasmin Ann Cooray from London spoken word organisation Spread The Word.

 The BBC PAF Fellowship was started in 2003, and since then has given over £5 million to young artists and groups across the country.

 The charity, which used to be known as the Fame Academy Bursary Trust, gets the money from the voting lines of BBC entertainment shows like The Voice, Over the Rainbow and Fame Academy.

 To see the full list from the BBC PAF Ones to Watch, visit their website.