Peter Brook Awards: Incoming Festival

We’re delighted to announce that the Incoming Festival co-curated by A Younger Theatre and New Diorama, has been invited to present a new Peter Brook Award. The Peter Brook Festival Award offers a £2,000 prize, and will be presented retrospectively this year to a company that was programmed as part of the inaugural Incoming Festival.

2014 Nominations
Smoking Apples and Little Cauliflower with their production, CELL
Bucket Club with its production, LORRAINE AND ALAN
Kill The Beast with its production, HE HAD HAIRY HANDS

Congratulations to all of the nominated companies!

The Peter Brook Festival Award will offer the winning company a £2,000 prize. The award will be presented annually to the most exciting emerging company programmed as part of the Incoming Festival.

A Younger Theatre and New Diorama’s Incoming Festival brings together the best emerging ensembles from across the UK and presents them at New Diorama Theatre.

Co-curated by A Younger Theatre and New Diorama Theatre, each ticket at Incoming costs only £5 and each all of the selected company are paid to appear, meaning the festival celebrates the talent of each of these exceptional groups, while making it possible and affordable for audiences to engage with the spirit of festival by seeing as many of the programmed productions as possible.

This brand new award celebrates the quality of the work presented at Incoming Festival as well as the potential the nominated companies have shown.

You can find out more the festival on the Incoming Festival website.