A festival set up to tackle the ‘lack of opportunities’ for female performers in theatre has launched in London.

Women in the West End is a month long celebration of female creativity, based at Above the Arts in Leicester Square from March 14 to April 3.

The festival was set up by Anonymous is A Women Theatre Company (AIWTC).

Leila Sykes and Bips Mawson from AIWTC said: “Women In The West End is a chance to celebrate the wealth of female talent and examples of success, but it’s also an opportunity to express the disappointment and frustration felt by women in the industry today.

“We want Women in the West End to be an opportunity to come together and celebrate and commiserate – all in a positive and constructive way.

“Things won’t change if we aren’t proactive.”

The festival includes performances from Deliciously Stella, Helen Duff, and Sphinx Theatre.

The festival will also include the launch of AIWTC’s 50/50 scheme on March 30, which aims to encourage gender equality in casting.

Skyes and Mawson added: “We should be open to challenging all stereotypes and gender roles and promoting greater diversity on stage.

“What better way to set an example but in the creative arts where we are visually presenting positive and negative narratives on current, and historical, events from a powerful platform?

“We can present anything we like in any wonderful way we might choose. Why not be challenging, innovative, inclusive, provocative, and fair in the decisions we make?”

Other performances in the festival include F.A.N.Y which focuses on female ambulance drivers during the First World War, and a take on Jake Austen titled Nonsense and Sensibility.

Women in the West End runs Above the Arts in London from March 14 to April 3. For more information, click here.