A new campaign has launched which aims to empower emerging theatre makers, and encourage them to keep trying to break into the arts.

The ‘In Your Hands’ campaign will see professionals write their passion or professional on their hands and upload it to social media under the #InYourHands.

The project has been launched by Masterclass at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Blayne George, the programme director of the Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust, said: “We need more and more people of different voices and fresh perspectives to recognise the theatre industry (and more broadly, the Arts) as a fruitful career choice.

“It is those we inspire today who will make the future of theatre exciting, viable and vital.

“Be proud of what you do and empower yourself with the knowledge that you, and everything you work to achieve, really is the future of our industry.”

The campaign hopes to involves people from across the industry, ranging from playwrights, to technicians, and everything in between.

“Creating career opportunities is challenging, but our far greater challenge is instilling the confidence and self-belief in young people to put themselves forward for such opportunities, as and when they arise,” added George.

The Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclasses have helped over 75,000 young theatre professionals since they launched in 1998.

Sam Luffman, a youth theatre director who is taking part in the scheme, said: “This campaign is important because is draws attention to the breadth of career roles available in theatre.

“For many of my students, they may discover theatre through acting, but I believe it’s still important to open their eyes to the whole industry.”

For more information on the #InYourHands campaign, click here.