Image: Pooka Productions.

A community fundraising website is helping a new play get off the ground financially, for the first time.

Kritical Mass are raising funds for Pooka Productions to put on Peter Brook’s The Man Who, about neurological disorders such as Tourette ’s syndrome or Alzheimer’s disease

The crowd sourcing site is more used to charitable issues, or multimedia projects, and are supporting a live performance for the first time.

Benni Lickfett, 35, co-founder of Kritical Mass, said: “Independent theatre interests us. Obviously they don’t get a lot of funding in terms of austerity and things like that so they often need to look for alternative ways.

“What interested us about Pooka and The Man Who was that the idea was to do an educational piece as well as an artistic one.

“It really represents theatre at its best to us – it challenges people’s perceptions and has the broader ambition to make them think.”

Pooka also turned to corporate sponsors to support this production at the Bussey Building.

The René Magritte art on stage has been provided by EasyArt, and the pieces will then be auctioned off after the performance.

They need to raise £5000 by February 21 to pay for administrative costs, and many of the actor’s wages.

On the crowdfunding site, supporters can buy tickets, t-shirts, and even a personal performance of the play.

Joncie Elmore, 27, Associate Producer at Pooka Productions, said: “Working with the Kritical Mass team, they have given me a platform to put the show out there on the best level it can be.

“The show itself deals with neurological disorders, and we wanted to make that a clear selling point for the show, to give people who wouldn’t necessarily have a voice a platform.

“Kritical Mass advertised our show as ‘theatre for good’, which is what we went in with in mind.”

This is the first performance of The Man Who, adapted from Peter Brook’s The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, since 1995 at the National Theatre.

The Man Who is opening at the Bussey Theatre on February 16, produced by Pooka Productions. For more information on the crowd sourcing and tickets, click here.