Welcome to the new A Younger Theatre website. We’re very excited to be able to officially get it up and running, and none of this would have been possible without the help of Mattie Campbell who has designed the wonderful graphics and spent many an hour labouring over the coding. Horrah!

The new website marks a new chapter in A Younger Theatre’s history, and one that we are very proud to begin. The site has developed from a single blog of the owner, Jake, into a collective of young people writing about theatre.

We are offering young people a platform for their views in a culture we believe to be saturated with older opinions. A Younger Theatre also hopes to open up a dialogue for younger people to be heard, to learn from and engage.

Don’t think that this website is exclusively for young people though, the listeners to our voices and words can be anyone. We welcome debate, difference and drama!

Over the coming months we will be expanding on our resources for theatre to match our extensive theatre internships list (look at all those internships available!), our youth theatre guide and also our how to get cheap theatre tickets guide.

Make sure you keep up to date with all the articles, reviews and blogs from A Younger Theatre by the RSS feed or if you have twitter we even have one of those, here!

Thank you for your support,

Jake Orr
A Younger Theatre