A Lincoln theatre group are inviting young people to a teenage house party with Silent Disco headphones, as part of a new immersive theatre experience.

Following a successful tour in 2014, Gatecrash by Zest Theatre will tour in between February 9 and March 11, 2016 as part of the Strategic Touring initiative from the Arts Council England.

The use of Silent Disco headphones to tell several stories at once is a fairly new technique that came about as a way to engage a younger theatre audience – particularly ones who had never stepped into a theatre before.

Writer and director, Toby Ealden said: “We consulted a range of young people about their experiences of attending theatre and set out to create a show that broke the theatrical rules about how we should have to behave in a theatre space.

“Thus the idea to recreate a teenage house party was born.”

The headphones allow the audience to listen in on several different storylines within the party without compromising on the loud party music.

They could follow Sam as he tries to reign in his unexpected party guests, his sister Jazz as she tries to gain popularity, Imogen as she gets increasingly drunk or Jonno as he hits on anything with a pulse.

Mr Ealden said: “Using Silent Disco headphones, not only can we make actors’ voices audible over the noise of the party, but it brings the exciting addition of performing dual content simultaneously.

“This means that whilst the 60 people in each show attended the same party no two people’s experience will be the same.

“We can’t wait to harness the excitement the show creates to inspire a new generation of young audiences in each venue.”

There will be eight performances of Gatecrash at the Lyric Hammersmith, London from Tuesday, February 9 until Friday, February 12. From there it will do eight performances at different venues in Hartlepool, Barnsley and Doncaster between Tuesday, February 23 and Friday, March 11. For more information, and tickets, click here.

Image: Roy Ealden