Image: The Unicorn Theatre

A London theatre is hosting a politically-themed, interactive performance over the weeks building up to the General Election.

The Unicorn Theatre are hosting Ontroerend Goed’s Fight Night from April 16, to May 3.

The show puts five candidates against one another, and the audience have a voting keypad to choose the ‘winner.’

Alexander Devriendt, the director, said: “I made the piece to question your vote.

“Not who you vote for in the sense of left and right, but I feel a lot of people vote based on feeling or prejudice of superficial aspects, including myself.

“For example I always voted for the same guy, because I trust him.  But for the piece I dived into what he stands for and I am amazed that he has different views from me.

“More and more elections are less about content, and more about the visuals.”

The aim of the performance is to challenge the idea of voting and democracy, all during a time of build up to May 7’s election.

As well as the performance, the Unicorn are hosting a number of post-show events and debates around politics and the election.

Speakers at these debates include broadcaster Mishal Hussain, TV presenter and author Rick Edwards and Special Advisor on Youth Policy Kenny Imafidon.

Audiences can get the chance to ask questions and start debates around a variety of subjects.

Ontroerend Goed is supported by the Flemish government, province of East Flanders, and the City of Ghent.

Fight Night is taking place at the Unicorn Theatre between April 16 and May 3. For more information and tickets, click here.