Congratulations for being so patient! Festival Bingo is finally here.

Well. I say Festival Bingo. I should say, Edinburgh Fringe Festival Bingo…with a twist. There’s no enthusiastic bingo caller, and, (most probably) no lovable grannies. BUT – we do have a more glamorous form of Truth or Dare for you – the theatre massive.

Your very own bingo card is ready for you to print. You know the rules, pick a square to begin, and then try and succeed in completing five challenges in a row! Your prize? Utter artistic satisfaction. And a pat on the back from me*.

The centre piece is your red herring: here is the time to use your theatrical imagination and go wild.

See you in Edinburgh!

*Aforementioned pat on the back is extremely metaphorical.

To download and print the Festival Bingo card, click the below image to see it in full, and then send to your lovely printer for printing. Done.

Festival Bingo to download!

Bingo’s *’s:
** Suggestions include the Cha Cha Slide and the Macarena.

***Heckling should not be of a malicious nature. Rather we encourage random standing up and sitting down, or oinking.