Politically Erect Comedy heading to Edinburgh again

This week I spoke to Alex from the comedy group Politically Erect Comedy, who are about to embark on their second journey to performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Hi Alex! Using similes and metaphors if you wish, can you tell us a bit about your comedy, as well as the show you took to Edinburgh last year?

Like a tiger leaping out of deep water, PE Comedy rattles the cage of comedy to bring you the most delicious laughter-cake in the land. If our similes and metaphors were too deep for you, then here it is for those who like it literally:

The five of us have been filming comedy sketches since we were young lads at the age of fifteen, for our website. It was four years later in 2009 that we began frolicking around on stage. We loved it and after only doing a handful of shows we had already booked ourselves in for the Fringe.

Last year, Sketches Before Bedtime was an upbeat quirky show described as an ‘an hour of unabashed, juvenile giggles’. It had a ridiculous amount of tables, chairs and food, and was very fun to do.

This year we were cut down to three (Nick and Dan went to university, leaving Sam, Ben and myself) so we had to change up. Performing at London comedy clubs throughout the year we worked on a much more minimalist and fast-paced style, out of which came our new Edinburgh show, Electro Gemstone! (and other instruments of moderate intrigue).

What made you first decide that you wanted to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

Because we wanted to be famous.

Approximately how many times did you laugh when you were at the festival?

Once, at a three legged dog.

What was the hardest thing about organizing taking a show to the Fringe?

All the boring press stuff. It’s not a nice feeling sending out a few dozen emails and not knowing if anyone will come and review your show.

What was the best thing about performing at the Fringe?

Doing shows every day. It becomes a way of life while you are up there. Everything becomes about the show you are doing – when you aren’t performing, you are promoting.

If you had to describe your experience of the Edinburgh Festival last year as a make of car, what would it be?

A bike.

Spoken like Yoda, what wise tips do you have for anyone thinking of visiting and/or performing at the festival?

Do it, just.

Politically Erect Comedy will be performing their show Electro Gemstone! (and other instruments of moderate intrigue) from the 5th – 14th of August as part of the Laughing Horse Free Fringe at The Three Sisters Pub in Edinburgh.