Image: Thread Theatre

An Edinburgh Fringe play about the sex trade has received support from a major human trafficking charity.

Stop the Traffik have supported Thread Theatre’s The Dolphin Hotel, which follows the tale of a young Hungarian girl brought into the UK to work in the sex trade.

Amy Jasper, from Stop the Traffik, said: “I think Edinburgh is a fantastic place to showcase the issue.

“Not a lot of people know about it, and they think it happens elsewhere not in the UK. To have a play like this, where thousands of people could see it is a fantastic opportunity to start the conversation.

“It really is about raising awareness about the issues. A play is emotive and makes it real for people. You think ‘that could be your sister, your mother, you friend.’

“Human trafficking happens daily in the UK.”

Stop the Traffik are an international charity, working to prevent human trafficking in a number of different countries.

It is thought that thousands of women and children have been trafficked into the UK to work in the sex trade in recent years.

The charity helped research the play, which was then based on real life experiences of the sex trade in this country.

Thread Theatre are also fundraising for the charity throughout the Fringe, through on-street performances, and handing out information at their shows.

Samantha O’Rouke, who wrote the play, said:“Human rights, and women’s right are something that I’m really interested in.

“Although it definitely affects men, women and children, the issue of human trafficking is almost entirely female.

“It is a general inequality that woman face. It manifests itself it that really. In western countries we think we think we’ve gotten past sexism, but when I looked at figures of trafficking, it is interesting that it wasn’t the case.

“I feel like new writing provides an outlet for issues that are too big for us to rationalise. It is too horrible, buying and selling people. How can you get your head around that?

“In theatre you can explore things that people can’t grasp. As a playwright my interest solely lies in telling stories that the people themselves can’t really tell.”

Statistics show that 1 in 10 British men have admitted visiting prostitutes.

Thread Theatre are an emerging theatre company, run by women writing about moral and social issues.

The used the online fundraiser Indiegogo to take the show to Edinburgh this year.

The Dolphin Hotel is running at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at theSpace @ Jury’s Inn, playing daily until August 29. For more information, and tickets, click here.