Image: OwlPacino at Creative Commons

With just one week to go until we take CELL to the biggest arts festival in the world (no pressure!), here’s what we’re doing to prepare.

So, by this stage everyone has their accommodation and transport booked, posters and flyers ordered, marketing strategy planned, press release submitted and eligible awards entered. Here are our top eight tips for what we’ll be doing in the final countdown to Edinburgh.

1. Start building social media relationships

Who else is performing in your venue? Who else is performing a show with a similar style? Make friends and cross promote.

2. Invitations 

Invite people you respect to come to your previews. If they love it they’ll tell people, if they don’t their feedback will be invaluable.

3. Packing 

You’re gone for a month, that’s a long time. Pack wise and pack generously. Edinburgh is beautifully hot and sunny one minute and cold and wet the next. We never go without a winter coat! Pack a printer, stapler and guillotine. When those stars and press reviews start rolling in, you’re going to want to print them off and staple them to your flyers. Fringe central might be sociable but it’s cheaper and quicker to print, slice and staple at your digs.

4. Back up your show

Is your sound on a CD? Take two and a USB. Do you have a fragile prop that’s hard to replace, will that paper prop really last 25 shows? Find a spare/make duplicates now.

5. Buy tickets (well a few) 

Buy tickets for one or two big shows that you really want to see. They will sell out. But don’t book much more than that, enjoy the spontaneity of judging a show just on it’s flyer and the artist’s sales pitch.

5. Bring wheels.

A bike, a micro scooter, skateboard, roller blades. It will save you a fortune in time and money. If the 35 minute walk back to your flat is reduced to a ten minute ride, eating a cheap meal at home suddenly gets a lot easier. You’ll also have a lot more energy.

6. Get business cards.

Nothing fancy- they just need your name, number and email. Be really smart and put your show details on them too.

7. Be friendly

Make friends with your venue staff. When an audience member walks in and doesn’t know what to see they’re the ones making the recommendations. Work with them and they’ll go above and beyond to support you

8. And finally, enjoy it.

Yes you’re there to work and promote your show but you’ll sell far more tickets in the pub making new friends than you will in bed asleep. See you at the bar!

CELL is on at Underbelly Cowgate 6-30 August. For tickets click here.