In an otherwise busy Fringe Festival, those rare spaces to breathe should be savoured – preferably with a nice glass of port or a hot cup of tea. Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel is precisely this space: a small break and a space for contemplation that is both surprising and refreshing. Somewhere in between a poetry reading, a performance and an arts installation, this is a piece that is meant to be experienced rather than talked about, and in its short bittersweetness it speaks for itself.

Poet and writer Ryan van Winkel invites you into his red room, where you feel both welcome and a bit out of place, sipping port and listening intently to his soothing voice. The entire space, complete with poet and performance, is a piece of poetry, carefully arranged yet open to chance. It is more than a performance – it’s a whole lived life. In the space between personal and performative, it evoked memories from my own life, from past friendships and old photographs, small objects I’ve kept with me for no apparent reason, and all those things I’ve thrown away because there’s not been a space to store them. Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel, is a sideways step into a space I didn’t know I was missing until I was there. A living piece of poetry we should all take the time to visit every now and again. Recommended.

**** – 4/5 stars

Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel, is playing at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.