Captain Morgan 2: Sea of Souls is an explosion of pure imagination. A sequel of bewildering giddiness, it follows Captain Morgan 1: The Sands of Time, which made its debut last year and is currently running alongside it this Fringe.

We are introduced to Captain Morgan, who has in his possession the elusive Sands of Time, which allows him to slip between time and genre. His nemesis? Two Frenchmen who steal the Sands of Time and Morgan’s soul along with it. Morgan and Hammond swerve sirens and waves to get Morgan’s soul back, travelling through a perfectly characterized Wild Western town, where all seem suspiciously soulless.
It is a fast paced, rigorously joyful adventure. Newton and Richards easily create scene after scene, slipping between characters with remarkable comfort and timing their laughs perfectly. Even more impressive is this swash-buckling adventure is carried out within a completely bare stage. In this journey, it is the talent and energy of the actors, the imagination of the script and the sweet, complimenting music that help the production move forward.

The audience roaring with laughter, Morgan and his First Mate Hammond mimic swinging saloon doors and sirens. They play each role comfortably and with enormous pleasure. The beginning as satisfying as the end, it’s a patiently paced adventure that gives a new and pleasurable twist on classic pirate tales. Newton and Richards can sing, they can dance, and they can act, all with a stunning efficiency and a sarcasm that is darkly comic, but still family friendly. With seemingly endless material and imagination, another adventure should be on the horizon.

Captain Morgan 2 : Sea of Souls is playing on 28th, 30th August at Pleasance Dome, as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For more information, visit the Fringe website