…you shouldn’t have fallen in love with? Ugh. I’m an adult, right? Refocusing my acting career at the Unidentified School of Showbiz Dreams? So why am I spending my precious days falling for people I really shouldn’t be? It really is very inconvenient to find yourself attracted to people young enough to be your slightly immature cousin. It’s times like this that being older in this environment really bites.

But enough of the Bridget Jones impersonation. You find me at the start of ‘reading week’, that yearned-for week of alleged rest in which to realign and rejuvenate the aching body and the overtaxed mind. I have responded by going home and throwing my washing on the mercy of my mother. Heaven knows I could do with the break. Big surprise – drama school is intense. Not unmanageably so, but intense nonetheless.

So. End of my first half-term and I’m very happy and settled – in many ways a preferable state to that first flush of…er, love. There are classes I prefer, of course, and certain classes I dread (why hello, Meisner) but on the whole, I seem to be doing well. My whole class have effectively ‘performed’ in front of one another now, revisiting our audition pieces (text and singing) with the benefit of what we’ve learnt so far and I’ve had some great feedback, which is gratifying and something of a ‘phew-you-don’t-think-you’ve-made-a-mistake-in-accepting-me-then’ moment. It’s been nerve-wracking, but in a nurturing way – there’s a care that comes from the tutors and from my fellow students that I wasn’t necessarily expecting, but which is very welcome. It’s also the way I prefer to work – I have never thrived on pressure and being ‘forced’, but like to be coaxed.

Re: Meisner (see above), things may be looking up. The ante has been officially upped and next half-term, we’re moving on from simple circumstance exercises to progressively more important and affecting ones, which should be interesting. Incidentally, I’ve been lucky enough to witness the second years in their Meisner classes, and much hilarity ensues from watching them running up and down the stairs in character in order to enter the scene with appropriate energy à la Uta Hagen.

This past week has also been the first week of performances for the third years. Me and my uber-tall dark(ish) and handsome(ish) non-stranger (the aforementioned inappropriate crush) have been to see a number of shows and I have been mightily impressed. It’s kind of a relief, I guess, to witness the most advanced students in the school and recognise that they are good – excellent, in fact. Another ‘phew’ moment.

Finally, our fortnightly visit to my flat and the colourful characters who reside there. We (I say we, I mean they) threw a party last night which was promptly shut down by the police, who also cut our electricity to prevent it starting up again. I was ashamed to realise that, to me, the most intolerable consequence of this was that I wouldn’t be able to have a cup of tea before bed. Pipe and slippers, anyone?
Image by IYLIAA.