Our friends at Iris Theatre are launching a series of Masterclasses at its home in St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden, and we’re giving two AYT readers the chance to take part, for free!

Iris Theatre

Iris Theatre: Masterclasses

Every participant will gain a deeper understanding and a greater degree of ownership of verse drama. These classes will be a unique opportunity to increase your confidence and broaden the range of your classical repertoire. Each Masterclass will stand alone, though each season of classes will have an overall theme for participants to explore. The Masterclasses are open to actors of all backgrounds.

Masterclass 1 – Verse Beginnings Sun 26th Jan at 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Starting with Beowulf, and moving on through Chaucer and the Medieval Mystery Plays to the later Morality Plays we will look at the roots of English verse drama. By embodying these earlier pieces, both physically and imaginatively, you will discover keys which will be invaluable for the later, more complex, Elizabethan dramatic verse.

Iris Theatre was created in 2007 to produce work at the world-famous St. Paul’s Church in Covent Garden. Growing year on year, Iris gained full charity status in Oct 2009 with a mission to support the development of the next generation of professional theatre practitioners and to produce a fresh and vibrant repertoire of varied work resulting in affordable and accessible theatre.

For more information see the Iris Theatre website.

Enter for a chance to win a place on the Masterclass

Fill out your details below or send them to marketing[at]ayoungertheatre.com with IRIS THEATRE in the subject line and the required information below.

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Winners will be announced on Friday 24th January.