A Chichester theatre are looking for new ambassadors to help attract younger people through their doors.

Chichester Festival Theatre (CFT) are looking for a team 16-25-year-olds to help promote their £8.50 ticket scheme for young people.

Arabella Peniston, from the CFT, said: “Younger audiences often feel there are factors that restrict their access to Theatre.

“Having a group of young advocates will help to dispel the idea that theatre is too expensive and only open to a select group of regular attenders, as they can draw on their own experiences to appeal to those who might otherwise think that theatre is not for them.”

The ambassadors will work around 2 hours a week for a year, with the aim of bringing younger audiences into the Chichester theatre.

It will also provide a chance for people in the age range to gain some experience working within the arts, which the CFT hope can help their fledgling career in the industry.

Becky Batten, the 16 – 25 Project Manager, said: “The £8.50 ticket scheme has proved to be very popular and having a team of dynamic Ambassadors will really help us to open it up to more 16 – 25 year olds, and encourage them to engage with all the activities at the Theatre.”

The ambassadors will also be given complimentary tickets and invitations to special nights at the theatre.

Applications for the voluntary scheme close on October 25.

The Chichester Festival Theatre are looking for new ambassadors to promote theatre to young people in the city. For more information, and to apply, click here.  

Image: A Bit Iffy/ Creative Commons