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A campaign to get permission to use one of Taylor Swift’s most famous songs in an Australian play has gone viral.

The US popstar granted permission for the Belvoir Theatre Company from Sydney to use Shake It Off in their show Seventeen, after they realised they didn’t have the rights for the hit.

The theatre posted online: “The story is that we have a big show opening tomorrow night.

“Partying, dancing, it’s all ready to go. The big scene is us dancing to Shake It Off.

“Then at the very last minute we were told we’d been denied the rights.

“So, anything anyone can do to help us reach Taylor would be hugely appreciated.”

Seventeen features a number of 70-year-olds playing 17-year-olds on the last day of school.

Soon, the #greygreyfortaytay had gone viral, and led the popstar to tweet at the group.

She said: “Permission granted, @BelvoirSt. Good luck with your opening night :)”

A number of celebrities had got involved before the singer granted permission to the theatre group.

Australian comedian Tim Minchin joined the campaign, tweeting: “Dear @edsheeran. Cd you please ask Taylor & to ask her manager to ask her publisher to sort this? (I said I’d try).”

Actors Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman were also reached out to, with the hashtag being tweeted thousands of times.

Once Swift had granted them permission, the group posted this video thanking the popstar.

Seventeen debuts at the Belvoir Theatre in Sydney, Australia on August 6. For more information, click here.