A Younger Theatre are teaming up with the English National Opera to offer an exclusive night at the opera for nine theatre enthusiasts who have never seen an opera before on Monday 19th September for The Passengers.

Find out more about The Passengers on the ENO website.

What you get:

– A free ticket to The Passenger.
– Informal discussions on opera.
– Interval drinks, ice cream and programme.
– Meeting other non-opera goers and young people who regularly attend opera.

The evening is aimed at 18-26 year olds who have never been to an opera before, with informal discussions on opera and theatre, and also the chance to meet regular young opera-goers. Drinks, ice cream and programme information will be provided along with your ticket.

This event is hosted by Jake Orr, Editor and Founder of A Younger Theatre, and Emily Cook, Assistant Producer of ENO Baylis and is being run as a pilot scheme.

There might also be a chance to meet cast and crew of The Passenger after the performance.


Want to be part of this evening and experience your first opera? Applications are open now until Friday 4.30pm. Places are strictly limited to nine.

Download an application

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If you have troubles downloading the application please email jake[at]ayoungertheatre.com

We’re conducting an application for the tickets to make sure that the right people get the tickets, so don’t get put off from applying, it’s just a few questions.

The Quick Info:

Where: English National Opera
What: Seeing The Passenger with discussions on opera.
When: Monday 19th September, 6.45pm – 10.30/11pm
How: Apply via application.
Show Info: http://www.eno.org

Watch a video trailer:


The Long Info:

We’re teaming up with English National Opera to offer a group of AYT readers the chance to experience opera for the first time. AYT’s Editor and Founder Jake Orr has a belief that opera can be a challenging and difficult art form for young people to get into and experience. It was only last year that Jake got to see his first opera and only this year that he went to the Royal Opera House, what about other people his age? Let’s break down those barriers and head to the opera, discuss the challenges and reveal in what we hope will be a fascinating night. They’ll be free tickets, ice cream, programmes, the chance to meet other young people and even a possibility of Q&A with the cast/crew.

Join Jake and Emily Cook, Assistant Producer of ENO Baylis, to start a dialogue about opera.