One of The Stage’s Top 10 Theatre Shows to See at Brighton Fringe. 

WANTED: Discerning individuals with excellent moral compasses.

Do you know right from wrong? Good from bad? Well, of course you do. Look at you! You recycle. You’ve got a great taste in music. You go on protest marches. You work hard, and play harder. You certainly aren’t a racist. And you’re exactly the kind of audience member we’re looking for.

You are invited to the ultimate test of brains, brawn, and brilliance. Our three contestants will battle it out to win the title of ‘Most Admirable Person’. Their friends and families certainly think they’re admirable. The real question is, do you?

Join our wonderful studio audience to cheer, clap, and drag your favourite competitor over the finish line. This is gameshow entertainment as you’ve never seen it before.

★★★★ “Gameshow comedy that cleverly dissects public shaming in the internet age… [Its] slick delivery and conciseness of idea is more than highly admirable” – The Stage

★★★★ “A multi-layered, intelligently devised study of human nature… It’ll undoubtedly stick with me for a long time to come” – Spy In The Stalls

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