The remarkable story of India’s first recording artist, a tale interwoven with scandal, intrigue and invention. This is a multilingual play fused with music and dance that celebrates the early 20th-century musical revolution, and the remarkable story of a talented musician who only ever craved control over her own fate.

India, Oct 1902. Fred Gaisberg is traveling across the country capturing the exotic sounds of the East to be played on his miraculous new machine, the gramophone. He is hoping to record the beautiful voice of Gauhar Jaan, a young courtesan famed not only for her musical prowess but her arrogance. 

Numerous travelers Gaisberg meets along the way recount the famous Datia Incident where the Maharaja and Gauhar Jaan ‘the Queen of the Arts’ indulged in a fierce battle of egos. Each tells the tale of what happened on that dark day in Datia.

So what exactly happened? Find out at Omnibus Theatre, 10-29 April.

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