Grand Guignol
Southwark Playhouse
£13 Ticket Offer

23 Oct – 22 Nov | 7.30pm, 3pm Sat matinees

1903. Paris, Monmartre and the Theatre du Grand Guignol opens its doors to an unsuspecting public. The plays, rife with madness and murder, are sold out every night to an awestruck audience, hungry for the horrors that are set before them. But when a psychiatrist, obsessed with the gruesome dramas, ingratiates his way into the company and starts to unpick the author’s mind, the boundaries between theatre and truth begin to blur…

A black comedy, a demented psychological thriller and an unrepentant splatter-fest, Carl Grose’s play is a head-spinning, genre-bending phantasmagoria, guaranteed to keep you guessing to the very last horror show…

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