Who has been producing the best theatre videos and trailers in September so far? See below for another roundup fresh from YouTube and Vimeo. As always you can see the full list on our YouTube Channel, and don’t forget to add links to your own favourite videos in the comment section.

Theatre Videos

1. HAG by The Wrong Crowd

Technically this video has been around longer than just September but as Bristol Old Vic has uploaded it onto its YouTube Channel it deserves a feature. Atmospheric, good editing and a sinister voice over, HAG wowed A Younger Theatre during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is clear the production values travel far, as this trailer demonstrates for its tour.

2. Sex Cells at Riverside Studios

Wow. Sometimes videos just make you stop and say “wow”. Sex Cells, soon to play at Riverside Studios, has a fantastic video trailer that is energetic, cheeky and shot with perfection. The close-up shots and quick editing means we never lose interest, and the voice over is certainly seductive. The trailer makes you want to find out more, it has a hook, and that makes you want to visit the Riverside Studios website to find out more; exactly what a trailer should make you do.

3. Sweeney Todd at West Yorkshire Playhouse

It’s not the first time West Yorkshire Playhouse has featured in our roundup of the top theatre videos. This one for its version of Sweeney Todd is a great showcase for the music within the production. It’s simple and atmospheric, and whilst it could have used a little voice over or a closeup of the Demon Barber, it does well on its on.

4. Contortionist travels by tube... by Sadler’s Wells

Sadler’s Wells is hosting a series of videos as part of its campaign for Cirque Éloize’s ID when it comes to London. This video demonstrates how, tongue-in-cheek, a contortionist can travel on a packed train. Oh, if only it was that easy for those of us getting the morning tubes in London. An imaginative and funny campaign. Check out the other videos too.

5. London Stories by Battersea Arts Centre

Anyone who follows these roundups often will notice that there is always one video that gets included because it has an emotional value attached. Offer a video with good music, a nice narrative and good camera shots, and you’re onto something. Such is the case for Battersea Arts Centre’s video for its festival of one-on-one encounters with Londoners in London Stories. This video tugs at the emotions.

6. All’s Well That Ends Well by Dusthouse and The RSC

Shakespeare is a funny beast to film. You either go for the epic extremes of what the play is trying to get across, or you attempt to do something much more intimate. In this video, produced by Dusthouse for the Royal Shakespeare Company, there is an intimacy and engrossing quality to this scene from All’s Well That Ends Well. Perhaps it’s the quality of production or the casting that sucks you into this scene, but whatever it is, Dusthouse really does video trailers with a splash of eloquence. Shakespeare isn’t the easiest to promote, but I’m certainly hooked.