Selected for your viewing pleasures are some of the top theatre videos from June and July. We’ve tried to get a mixture of videos for you to watch, and, conscious that not everyone has a budget for trailer making, there might even be a few surprises too. Don’t forget to see the full playlist on our YouTube Channel, and follow the Theatre Thought Blog to see the best videos from previous months.

Theatre Videos

The top videos are…

1. Islington Community Theatre’s Brainstorm

This video from Islington Community Theatre’s production of Brainstorm is not just about giving an insight into the play, but also into the shape and heart of the company itself. Working with young people, I’m always surprised at the creative energy that crackles from this company. Brainstorm looks like an open wound, delivered from the experiences of young people and presented with creative honesty and excitement: watch and marvel.


2. Shakespeare’s Globe and Dust House’s A Summer Hamlet

What I love about Shakespeare’s Globe and Dust House’s trailer for A Summer Hamlet is the sense of fun and play that takes place between actors as they tour a production. The documentary takes a look behind the cast and crew as they tour Hamlet around the UK. They clearly have a lot of fun, and with some brilliant camera-work there’s a real sense of capturing something unseen to normal audience’s eyes.


3. Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s La Voix Humaine 

Here’s a trailer from a more international company than those featured in the rest of this roundup. Amsterdam’s Toneelgroep presents its take on Cocteau’s La Voix Humaine (The Human Voice), where a woman attempts to talk to a lover on the phone but is continually cut off (sound familiar?). I’m always intrigued by international work, and this take on Cocteau’s 1927’s play looks and feels distinct. Now to just see the rest of the show…


4. Faro Productions’s The Young Trailer, 24:7 Theatre Festival

This is my first introduction to the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester, and there’s something about this trailer that just gets me intrigued. I guess the theory with theatre trailers is from being intrigued you’ll want to find out more and then, oh yes, a ticket purchase, but for now (and my London location) I’ll stay intrigued. Check out the festival though, giving better access and inspiring talent to Manchester.

5. Glasshouse by The Honest Crowd

It’s just a normal dinner party between friends, right? Apparently not, as this trailer shifts from the normal chitter-chatter of dinner talk to absurd interactions and eating. If this is the experience of the audience, then I want in. Good production values given this is an emerging company. Good imagery, good concept, but is the show good? You’ll have to head to the Battersea Arts Centre to find out.


6. Iris Theatre’s Julius Ceasar

We’ve been hearing good things about Iris Theatre with its shows taking over the church in Covent Garden, and it clearly means to make an impression as this video trailer for their production of Julius Caesar shows…


8. Arts Council England – A Credit To Britain

This will be the first time that we’ve featured the videos of Arts Council England, the body that supports a lot of the arts within the UK. This video, showing the impact that the arts have, is a timely response to the funding cuts and squeezing of budgets. Be inspired by what investment in the arts can achieve, and remember why we work in this industry.


9. Idle Motion’s Borges and I

Perhaps it’s the music or the books that fly through the air that captivate me in this video for Idle Motion’s show, but whatever it is, I adore it. Just watch, and then book a ticket at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

10. Belarus Free Theatre’s Trash Cuisine

Last on our list comes this video from Belarus Free Theatre. It’s not the most enthralling video ever made, but the company’s work outside its country (in which they are banned from performing work) reminds us that the freedom we have within the UK is one to be celebrated and cherished.

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