Set at the Peacock Theatre, The Snowman promises an evening of wonder and childlike delight. Featuring a live band, the production tells a tale of one boy and his snowman as they venture around the world together, in this all-singing, all-dancing performance.

I found it absolutely perfect that it should be performed at the Peacock. It is the perfect size without being too big, and because of this, tickets are not too expensive, which I think is important when thinking about whether to take your family to this performance.

Impressive staging is the first thing we encounter, as it is literally set in a snow globe (an enormously brilliant touch); more generally the staging overall was beautiful, with Christmas trees and faux snow showering down around the stage. The costumes, too, were a sight – although I do have to say Jack Frost did look like something out of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but we will gloss over that – with a myriad of woodland creatures, oversized food and snowmen from different parts of the world.

Of course, the dancing was absolutely on point, and choreographer Robert North should be pleased with his work. The music was all-consuming and it reverberated around the room, and Howard Blake’s classic song ‘We’re Walking In The Air’ brought a tear to my eye. The most impressive dancer for me was the child, as he had to essentially be on the same level as the older, much more experienced performers, and he kept up well. My only thought is I wonder if he actually has a bedtime after all these shows.

Humour and warmth is embedded throughout the performance, with the right amount of pantomime included for comedic effect. The pace of the production was just enough time to keep children’s attention, transitioning quickly from one scene to the next.

I had my doubts at first about enjoying the production due to my age, but this really thawed away the Scrooge in my heart. It is so easy to watch and enjoy, and I certainly would have been in awe with the production had I been watching this at the age of eight, and it showed – there was an audible gasp from the many children in the audience whenever something wonderful and magical happened, which was often. This production is perfect for families and a real treat to take your kids to just before Christmas.

The Snowman is playing The Peacock Theatre until 3 January 2016. For more information and tickets, see the Sadler’s Wells website. .