‘MOISTURISE AND DECOLONISE’. The mantra of Hot Brown Honey summarises the overarching feeling of this epic show. It is powerful, provocative and exceptionally fun.

Hot Brown Honey combines cabaret, hip hop, acrobatics and more to start its own kind of revolution, one that is sound tracked by a thumping beat and refuses to leave anyone behind. The women behind this are outstanding artists who possess a rare flare in seemingly every possible form of performance. Though as a group they work tremendously well together, each member of the cast has their own point of individuality that makes them exceptional.

The design of the show is also impressive. The hive of light we see on stage embodies the strength and brightness of this show, while the costume design is outstanding, forming an important part of the choreography.

One of the most affecting parts of the show is an aerial silk performance which conveys the devastation of sexual assault, but also the resistance and hope of surviving. Taking heed from the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie sampled in the show, Hot Brown Honey refuses to believe in or stick to the single story.

Each scene communicates a different experience, but they all have the same underlying message; we must start fighting injustices, and we must do so loudly. Hot Brown Honey is boldly visible and wonderfully in your face. Quite literally, for some, as the audience interaction is hilariously full on.

The originality and relevance of this show is what feminist theatre needs. It is educating as well as empowering and entertaining. There are bravely sung songs about cultural awareness, and routines which deliver searing satire of ignorance and cultural appropriation, giving white feminism a much needed kick up the ass.

As well as confronting injustice head on, the show is also incredibly engaging. Call and response with the audience involve the crowd to make the show outrageously fun, while the loud and ecstatic beat of the music that runs through much of it makes you want to get up on stage and dance with them.

Hot Brown Honey is here, and it is not going anywhere. It is a hive of talent, energy and politics that deserves to be crowned queen bee of the Fringe 2017.

Hot Brown Honey is playing at Assembly Roxy until August 27. For more information and tickets, go to https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/hot-brown-honey