Not many productions work as pre drinks. The interval bar is all but lost at the festival, so it is up to the good women of Eggs Collective to ply their audience with shots. Get a round takes the form of a big night out, dancing, karaoke, vomiting, telling people why they’re great. It is well observed and truthful but is lacking much insight or unique perspective.

The cast talks directly to the audience, giving audience members specific roles of the kind of people that are needed for a great night out. The audience are as much a part of the party as the cast. They are whipped into a frenzy by the ongoing offer of free booze and funny anecdotal stories. The sharing of in jokes, which we as the audience don’t understand, never really land any more than, “Oh yes, in jokes are a thing.” There is the occasional wonderful one liner, “When did we forget that we are just animals with weekends” is a personal highlight.

The piece may seem like a free for all but it is actually a skillfully put together piece. With a well thought out 3 act structure, the piece never feels like it is without direction. What the piece is lacking is real purpose. It isn’t quite fun enough to be a party piece, but not insightful enough to be an unravelling of British ‘going out’ culture. It falls in the middle, and unfortunately it never quite reaches the heights its potential promises.

The saving grace of the piece are the 3 performers. Each being an individual, but with fantastic chemistry between them. You really believe they really have been out together many times, and these stories come from truth. It is completely relateable and is an unpatronising look at going out but, I didn’t learn anything, and I don’t think differently about its subject matter from watching it.

Something to mention is that because the audience are so involved, the audience could swing this production. I watched this on a Wednesday and the audience were in general much older than the subject matter generally relates too. On a Friday night, with a young, half drunk audience this could be a wonderful production. But I don’t think the audience gave the performers much back, and much of it, unfortunately, fell flat.

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