Sh!t Theatre deliver their mainstream cross over hit DollyWould, a celebration of Dolly Parton and themselves. You may think there is only one Dolly Parton, well you are very wrong. Every new wig is a new Dolly, there is an infinite number of Dollys. And that is why Dolly, the cloned sheep, is called Dolly, and that is why Sh*t theatre, is also Dolly Parton.
The production uses an interview with Dolly Parton as its base. An interview that took place as Dolly was on the cusp of super stardom. The audio of the interview plays over the top of the piece whilst Becca and Louise sing Dolly’s answers. As you would imagine with Sh!t Theatre, there is much more to come. Hilarious theatrical trickery with subversive intellectual fortitude is in ample supply. It’s also very silly, but in a clever way – making daft jokes on the surface to actually make a subversive point. Sh!t Theatre are the Bridget Christie of Performance art.
Becca and Louise travel to Dollywood, a theme park in America, to celebrate Dolly. Going on rides, spending a lot of money at the gift shop & getting Dolly Parton tattoos. They also go to the other biggest tourist attraction in the small town of A body farm. Because in DollyWould, you don’t just learn about Dolly Parton, you also get a humorous insight into human decay.
I came into the theatre only knowing the music of Dolly Parton, and I left as a huge fan of the woman. DollyWould is genuinely a very educational show about Dolly Parton. Yes, this piece has many layers to unpick, but whether you’re a Dolly fan or not, you will learn so much, because Sh!t Theatre aren’t joking, they absolutely love her!
Dolly Parton, human decay and cloning may all seem very separate entities. But the utter craft of Sh!t theatre to bring these together is exemplary, two artists at the top of their game. Incredibly intelligent wackiness not just for fans of Dolly Parton.