Briefs are definitely not newbies when it comes to London’s Southbank. Back for their fourth year, they plan to unleash their mayhem once more. But what can we expect on their return?

If you were expecting a little bit of class, then you really do not get the point of Briefs at all. The show is an unapologetic celebration of all things glitz and glam, with elements of butch circus-style acrobatics in between. For people who have not seen Briefs, the Australian/New York ensemble is a mixture of drag, circus and contortionist performers, who have banded together to bring the world a little bit of messed up happiness for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Our compere of the evening, the lovely Shivannah, gives Beyonce a run for her money with wigs for days and on-point outfits (made by the delightful Dallas Dellaforce, who also performs throughout the show). She introduces the performers throughout, from the young cheeky chappy Louis Biggs (watch out for what he can do with a Rubik’s cube and a yoyo!) to the mischievous Evil Hate Monkey, whose obsession with bananas throughout the show might just spoil the Minions franchise for you for life.

For people returning to Briefs, you might find things are quite similar to the show last year. While this is not a problem, you are prepared for shocking moments of the show and it takes away the magic just a tiny bit. It does not take away from the fact that the production as a whole has levelled up since last year. The show itself feels tighter, with the routines performed with finesse but still keeping the wonderful raunchiness that we have come to know and love from the Briefs gang.

There are a few new additions to the production, including new cast member Lucky Tom who adds a bit of cheekiness to the show (quite literally). But the moment that stands out most is Thomas Worrell’s new routine. Performing to Radiohead’s ‘Talk Show Host’, his routine is a perfect calm moment, keeping the crowd mesmerised with his contortionist routine. This is also the perfect warm-up for Captain Kidd’s show-stopping finale performance (just prepare yourself to get wet if you are sitting within the first five rows!)

Briefs ends with its tradition: a rant at the Australian government and disco dancing. As the show ends you cannot help but leave with a big grin on your face. Though short and sweet, Briefs continues to wow crowds with their excellence, and we hope they will be entertaining the London crowds for the next four years.

But here is a little tip though: try and make sure you have someone to go to Briefs with, because you might receive a few items of clothing in the face like this reviewer did…

Briefs is playing at London Wonderground until 27 September. For more information and tickets, see the London Wonderground website.