Edinburgh Fringe 2010

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Rejoice brothers, for it is that time of year again. On the 6th August, the world’s most creative and talented artistic minds come together to create the world’s largest and most stupendous arts festival – in other words, Edinburgh Fringe is back.

Well, nearly – just over a month to go. But for some reason, and I’m sure you’ll agree, festival goers are more excited than ever before. There are various reasons for this – namely that there are more shows than ever before (and more free shows than ever before) ranging from controversial comedy to musicals, and opera to physical theatre.

Throughout the year we hear of the hype around music festivals all over the country, and off we trek – the grime and mud being somewhat appealing to our inner hobo. But what is it that makes the Fringe so unique? Its huge range of entertainment or its cultural opportunities? Both? Well, one thing’s for sure, for me it’s the chance to go and stay somewhere with thousands of like-minded individuals, all come together to share their joy of theatre and creativity.

This year’s programme is already out, featuring 2,453 shows spanning the whole of the arts spectrum. But if you can’t wait, there’s plenty going on at the moment to provide a taster of what’s to come. On the last Monday and Tuesday of every month, the Actor’s Platform in London showcase comedy and new drama to industry professionals, providing an opportunity for new acts to get feedback and reviews, and the public to whet their appetites. And if that’s not enough, there are acts all over the capital presenting their preview shows to eager masses.

So if you’re planning on heading up, courtesy of edfringe.com, here’s a handy tip for once you have packed your bags and are on the way to a not only lively and cultural but also wonderfully picturesque city:

“The Fringe features many art forms so get stuck in! Don’t just stick to what you know. Take a chance. Variety is the spice of life, and the flavour of the Fringe is best experienced when you’re willing to dip into all the surprising options, from theatre to stand-up, from a staggering range of live music to one-on-one speed dating performance art.”

Running until the 30th of August, this summer’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe promises to be the biggest and best ever as it reaches its 64th year. I believe it to be the prospect of experiencing the beauty of the arts with so many others, as well as the chance to widen one’s knowledge of the current goings on in theatre, music and comedy, which lures in crowds to the thousands of shows that are put on. The world’s most original and ingenious performers and minds, as well as amazingly enthusiastic members of the public in one great city?

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is guaranteed to be a truly inspiring month.

You can view the complete Edinburgh Fringe 2010 Festival brochure online on the official Edinburgh Fringe website. Image via this Flickr.